Pengaruh CAR, NPL, BOPO, LDR, BRANCHES, dan BI RATE terhadap Pertumbuhan Laba

Studi Bank Umum dengan Aset ≥ Rp. 50 Triliyun di Indonesia


  • Robin Robin


CAR, NPL, BOPO, LDR, Branches, BI Rate, Profit growth


This study aimed to examine the effect of CAR, NPL, ROA, LDR, Branches, and the BI rate to commercial banks profit growth with assets of more than Rp 50 trillion. The data used in this study is an annual report published by each banks. The number of samples taken are 11 banks by using purposive sampling. Data analysis techniques in this study using multiple linear regression analysis. Tests performed to classical assumptions underlying the regression model. F test results indicate that the variable CAR, NPL, ROA, LDR, Branches, and BI Rate significant effect on profit growth. Based on the results of the test was concluded that NPL, BOPO and Branches significant positive impact on earnings growth, LDR have a significant negative effect on earnings growth, and CAR and BI Rate was not significant to the growth of bank earnings. The results of this research can be a material consideration in the management of the banks managing the growth performance.


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