Analisis Faktor-Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Keinginan untuk Pindah Kerja pada Kantor Akuntan Publik dan Kantor Konsultan Pajak di Batam


  • Ria Karina
  • Teddy Jurnali


Turnover intention, organizational commitment, job satisfaction, pays satisfaction, job stress, organizational climate, organizational justice


The objective of this study was to examine the impact of organizational commitment, job satisfaction, pay satisfaction, organizational climate and job stress on turnover intention and also organizational justice towards organizational commitment, job satisfaction, pay satisfaction, and turnover intention. A total 218 employees of Public Accountant Firm and Tax Consultant in Batam was selected using simple random sampling.

This study based on Thomas and Nagalingappa (2012), Ahmad et al. (2012), Saungweme and Gwandure (2011). Variables used in this study were a combination of the variables that exist in all the three models. Analysis of data in this study used a Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The hypotheses were all independent and intervening variables are significant to predict turnover intention.

The results of this study pointed that organizational commitment, pay satisfaction, and organizational justice have a significant influence on turnover intention while organizational climate, job satisfaction, and job stress don’t have a significant influence on turnover intention. Organizational justice also had a significant influence on organizational commitment, job satisfaction and pay satisfaction.


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