Group Conflict During Collaborative Writing


  • Santini Pathinathan University Tunku Abdul Rahman


Collaborative Writing, Substantive Conflict, Procedural Conflict, Argumentative Essay, ESL/EFL Learners


Since the current workforce environment required team work, learning to write collaboratively is important. Collaborative writing is based on socio-cultural theory in second language learning. This paper seeks to explore the types of conflicts that occur during collaborative writing among a group of ESL / EFL upper intermediate students in a preparatory programme. It also students how these conflicts are solved among the group members. A group consisting of four members was chosen for this study from an ESL /EFL upper intermediate writing classroom. Data collection process included audio and video recording of collaboration sessions, semi-structured interviews and students’ journals. The results of this study showed that there were two prominent types of conflicts that occurred during the collaboration, namely substantive conflict and procedural conflict. Both these types of conflicts were found to be useful as the group was able to negotiate disagreements and come to a consensus. The result show that in order for a collaborative writing session to be successful, conflict management and resolution among the members is crucial.



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