• Roberto Sances


Abstract:                    Stem and piano service are 2 different skills, someone who has the ability to stem the piano may not be able to do piano services and vice versa, while based on data person who are experts in stem piano and piano service in Indonesia is not much, inversely proportional to the number of piano owners or users in the city Batam in particular. This can be known by business owners because until now the business owner is still incorporated in the national stem and piano service company which is placed in the Batam branch. Seeing this good business opportunity encourages business owners to establish freelance stem services and piano services. This freelance service does not require customers to stem and serve simultaneously but can be done separately according to customer needs. This freelance service promises to provide the best and fast service at the right price (Customer Satisfaction). In planning this business, the owner does not work alone but in collaboration with friends who are experts in the field of piano service will be initiated by the business. This business is still pioneering or a plan that will begin to be implemented in October 2020. Therefore, in this article there are still many plans written such as in the section on financial management or organizational planning and promotion. Hope from the establishment of this business can provide excellent service by prioritizing Customer Satisfaction.

Nov 12, 2020
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