Wisata Hutan Bakau Kampung Kelembak

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Jonathan Hanjaya Stivani Ayuning Suwarlan Victoria Victoria Sherrin Tjandra Audrey Audrey Diani Diani Kristin Kristin Sarinah Sarinah Herianto Herianto Kelly Kelly


Kelembak Village is a village located in Nongsa District that has potential and value to be a tourism area for local people and foreign tourists called Kelembak Cultural Tourism Village, where will be a tourist village with Malay culture in the 1960s era. The area of ​​Kelembak Village which is being developed into a tourism area is 6 hectares and the locations for the development of tourist area had been determined by residents but they do not have a tourist map to guide visitors on a tour and the purpose of the social activity is to make a Kelembak Village map as a guide for local people and foreign tourist.  

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